Help your kids build good habits!

Badabits is a fun habit-forming app for children.
The best app to assist your kids to start an adventure of building healthy habits and breaking all their bad ones.

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badabits monster

An adventure to save all the Goodabits!

Goodabits are kind creatures that help humans to keep their good habits to live a happy and healthy life.

One day a disaster occurred and all of them turned into monsters called… The Badabits.

The world needs a hero to fight the Badabits!

I will help you!
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Set and track your kids' habits

18 habits to improve your kids' life, and more to come!
Along with your children, define good and bad habits they are willing to change. Badabits reinforce the dialogue between parents and children!

  • Encourage positive change

    Do more exercise, less junk food, more healthy food...

  • Parenting made easy

    Clean your room, do your homework, help with chores at home...

  • Well-behaved kid

    Go to bed on time, stop complaining, or bad words...

track child habits screen

Habits come from repetition

All good habits in real life will be converted into good souls, that you can use to fight Badabits.

  • Good soul

    Badabits will turn back into Goodabits after eating enough good souls.

  • Bad soul

    Created from bad habits, it will make Badabids stronger, be cautious!

track child habits screen

Find them all!

Keep your child motivated!
Keep the streak of positive habits on! And weeks after weeks, discover new Badabits and collectibles.

  • 12 characters to discover

    And more to come! Each of them having their own fun animations and personalities!

  • Cool items to find!

    Reward your kids' good behaviors with items to customize your Goodabits!

Looking good!
track child habits screen
track child habits screen
track child habits screen
badabits monster
badabits monster
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The Application
has good habits too!

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